Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd

                     SAVVY TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS
Software/Hardware & Engineering Systems


What Do We Do?

Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd

At STS we develop 

  • Apps &
  • Hardware with complete systems, including mechanical solutions.
So what do we do?

  1. Develop in-house designs with a strong business case  for future supply.
  2. We solve design problems for individuals and companies with particular situations - this is part of our consultant work.
  3. Provide a means for getting people with good ideas to a real solution. either by paying us or paying for the development fees and splitting the profits once sold if their idea goes to market.
  4. Partner with other companies that need our expertise consulting and contracting.
  5. Develop tech designs for special groups, schools etc.

What We Are Not!

We create complete or part solutions for clients and design our own product range with state of the art hardware, firmware and application software.

What we are not, is another App developer or software developer. We do this in the context of our hardware solutions using Swift, Java, C and Assembler.

Savvy Technical Solutions Pty Ltd