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Who We Are?

At Savvy Tech Solutions Pty. Ltd. we are focused on providing  the best engineering design services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Patrick Howe: Director

Head Of Engineering

I am a highly technically minded individual holding a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronic Engineering, a Graduate Diploma of Education in Mathematics and Science, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, a Military and Civil flying License, an Advanced Scuba Diving License and numerous other short course certificates. I have special interest in Science, Physics, Programming and I am an expert in Advanced Mathematics.

I have lectured in mathematics, microprocessors, and engineering during the last 10 years for the ANU (Australian National University) undergraduate program (Associate Degree in Electronic and Mechanical Engineering) and performed special guest lectures in electronics for ADFA (Australian Defense Force Academy).

I have vast expertise in areas of mathematics and engineering. I have held appointments as a research and development Electronic Design Engineer, Computer Programmer (C++), Military Pilot, Technical Project Manager and IT Security Designer Consultant Engineer. I have always excelled in high profile positions and have easily dealt with any stress associated with them.

I am very creative and adaptable, enjoying challenge and variety - and in fact, thriving on it. I enjoy focusing on deep and very complex problems. I understand the complexities of Quantum Mechanics and I have interest in some special cases in the Quantum world. I clearly use and deeply can visualise Maxwell's Equations and of course Einsteinium Physics. I equally enjoy travelling, interacting and working within, or managing teams.

I am a proven leader, accept challenge and ensure success. I am committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence.

Craig "Macca' McGown
SavvyLevel Ambassador

Craig "Macca" McGown was born in Maryborough Queensland. He was raised in a working class home in a family with a love for camping. During his time growing up the family progressed through the standard camping career of equipment from swags, through the tent style range to caravans and his fondest childhood memories reside in the times away in these.

Macca's post school life has again circled around outdoor and outback living seeing him as a member of the Australian Army Shooting Team and a carpenter specialising in outback and remote area construction for most of his career. He travelled all over the north of Australia doing station and remote community work and constructing facilities in national parks.

Macca's love of the outdoor lifestyle saw him move into manufacturing and prior to his television and outdoor living ambassador career was the largest manufacturer of soft floor camper trailers in Australia. His passion for inspiring others to embrace the exploration and freedom Australia has to offer is worn on his sleeve and he is always keen to pass his knowledge and experience onto anyone wanting to learn.

Macca is the quintessential Aussie bushman and larrikin with the ability to traverse Australia's harshest environments in a methodical, no nonsense manner and an "I'll get you there, and home again" attitude.

Chris Gardner

Manager Contracts Administration

Majoring in Accounting, Chris’ Bachelor degree has been significantly enhanced by expertise and experience gained from near forty years working in senior management roles within diverse industries including; banking & insurance, oil & gas, food processing, food retailing, machinery manufacturing, wine production and tourism.

To ensure both Savvy Technical Solutions and our Clients are best served during the development and execution of our engagement, Chris has been enlisted to manage our Contracts Administration. The essential objective of this role is to ensure that our formal Agreements properly articulate the rights and obligations of all parties, and that any and all undertakings are clearly communicated and understood by all those effected.

Various Senior Software Engineers

Our Software Engineers are second to none. STS employs on the very best minds! We are interested in people who have the same ideals and motivation as the rest of our team. Our Software group are therefore highly motivated, hard working and are prepared to push through that "extra mile" to get the problem solved with a design solution for any difficult tech issue(s). In this way, we have been able to create some very innovative new designs that we are very proud of.  You will be impressed by our innovative Software team, just as we are every day!

Sarah Farrugia

Head of Educational Products

 I am driven toward a world where people ‘be the changes they want to see’ and businesses strive to enhance individuals and communities.


With a passion for travel, creative expression and the written word, my Bachelor of Business took me on a journey of extensive administrative experience in the corporate sector. For over twenty years I was involved in ‘getting things done’ at director and CEO level.  My desire to explore and hone my writing skills saw me move to the retail sector where I enjoy developing prominent levels of customer service, team enhancement and management.  For over ten years I have educated and delighted customers at one of the world’s most ethical body care companies.


What have I done?  Run my own school of classical ballet, self-published a collaborative collection of poems, taught ceramics, written for several publications and performed poetry. I write, edit, explore, and start over again.


Motivating people to be the best version of themselves is a passion and I am excited to bring this sensitivity to schools all over the country.  Through the SAVVY TEXT GUIDES APP, teachers, parents and students learn, understand and practice their way to A+. Pupils will feel positive and ready to blitz their English exams.


Imagine a society where happy, successful, motivated children are the norm. What a world it could be!

Ryan Hammer
Video Productions Manager

I am a polite and hard working individual who is ambitious for success. Among my many passions I enjoy working with technology and acting. I have built a powerful computer by myself and use this to edit videos among other computing/technological pursuits. I enjoy acting and theatre and I find this goes hand in hand with editing. I am dedicated to business, study and gym. I am very keen and excited to be a part of a wonderful team such as STS. STS allows me to pursue my passion of editing and business growth. I have become the apprentice entrepreneur with STS, I am enjoying being part of their successful emergence and consequent triumph.



Our wonderful office staff at STS work very hard to ensure your emails and calls are responded to in a prompt and timely manner.

Our STS office staff are an integral part of our team and without them the great thinking minds of STS would cease to exist STS operates as an inclusive company and we vastly appreciate the hard work of the people in the office who work diligently to ensure our company offers corporate and private clients only the best of service. 

Contact us today.

Why Us?

Savvy Tech is owned and operated by some of Australia's leading design Engineers and Mathematicians. STS is a business developed on skill, thought and technical prowess. You will be blown away by what we can create using our technology. Our motherboards are second to none, our devotion to detail is unsurpassed. We are leaders in the software solution and innovation field.

Catherine Howe: Director

Head Of Business Operations

I am a highly motivated and self driven individual having achieved high accolades in business already. The Telstra Business Awards for savvy, intelligent and professional business acumen, was one of these accolades. I am proud to be part of this wonderfully innovative, highly educated, dedicated and intelligent group of people. I am a born leader and I strive for excellence in everything I do. I love to travel and experience life to capacity. I enjoy running for fun and like to keep as fit as I can in my busy life. I partake in regular gym sessions with my Personal Trainer and their small group fitness. Keeping fit, happy and healthy is my Modus Operandi and I believe in being fit is important for all "over" well-being - it is my mantra. I am a mother and I work for balance with in my work and play ratio - yin and yang model. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Science and have taught at some very prestigious schools around the world. I thoroughly enjoy working as the team Operations Manager here at STS and I strive to offer perfection in what we create. 

Alex Ollman:

Software Development for iOS solutions

Alex is a genius with ALL Apple Products. Alex has worked with software and hardware solutions for many years completing a degree in Mechatronics at The Australian National University.

Karen Howe: Director

Head Of Public Relations & Finance

I am a highly accomplished and professional individual who has a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes and capitalise on opportunities for clients and colleagues. This vision includes collaborative strategy sessions, innovative ideas and extensive liaisons with the team and clients. I like to inspire and adapt to the diverse and challenging work load and with excellent organisational skills, a strong work ethic, I am determined to succeed and give the highest standard of client satisfaction and service.

My background has been entrepreneurial with a focus  to create products to sell. I have developed a broad and innovative skill in communicating new and unknown products. I have a very diverse portfolio from starting a boutique plant nursery in which I created unique plant designs called topiary then created a theme around that one idea with hundreds of ideas and became very successful. I have bought and sold real estate, restored antique furniture, had market gardens,  worked in high end retail and for Annset airlines. I have also been a radio announcer and currently I am designing jewelry.

To make a business successful it’s not just great ideas and enthusiasm which are important but also financial  awareness with great business acumen and people skills. The reason our clients are always happy when they work with STS.

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